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“The Unsolved Murder of John Mayfield is based on true events that were chronicled years ago by the late Jerry Wright regarding a murder mystery that shook the town of Imbler [Oregon] in 1927.  Terrie has picked up the trail where Jerry left off, digging for more clues to determine exactly who shot John Mayfield as he lay sleeping one late December night,” reported Kathy Patten, of the Elgin Museum and Historical Society.

The book also contains other short stories and poems that Jerry wrote that show his tender heart.

 These incredible memoirs began in 1899 by 15-year-old Gaither Stevens soon after he joined the Navy as an Apprentice Boy.  It was a different world and a different Navy. His extraordinary experiences were captured in a typed manuscript kept safe and unpublished until now.  In these writings, you’ll find adventures of a lifetime highlighting encounters with a grizzly bear, bar fights, a train robbery, murder, boxing, fiestas, abduction as a sex slave, turtle races, wild shipmates, an Eskimo prostitute, and other savory scenes.  Gaither’s chronicles of fellow “blue-jackets” and places he visited are wonderous, humorous, and heart-warming.  This wild rollercoaster reveals life in a nearly forgotten time that produced some of the Navy’s finest men. 

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